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July 05 2014

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July 04 2014

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It was the first time I saw in written form this felling. This overwhelming felling that I, lately, realized and I, finally, comported with. A two dimensional life.The one which is defined as real life, waking up in the morning and smiling, once you feel sincere happiness, in the sense of being with the “chosen” person who stokes you vivid, tangible happiness. And a second life, defined as an acceptance, a compromise. A life consisted by hours, days, months, you know you are forced to experience and overcome till the moment all these come to an interim end and, hopefully, you will switch off your “safe mode” and start living “as people should do”. And the emptiness is lurking at the end of the road…

Just an amazing movie. It hurts but it worth…

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The Hours
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Meryl Streep by Henry Wolf.
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Leonardo DiCaprio & Meryl Streep

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,,Kobiety całe życie muszą grać. A gra to nie tylko udawanie. To także zdolność wyobrażenia sobie czegoś, co nie istnieje, ale jest możliwe." Meryl Streep
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